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The Zone is owned and operated by Jamie Eader; a former Level 10 gymnast with Southern Illinois Gymnastics Academy and manager of The Zone since it opened in 2019. With over 22 years gymnastics experience, you can feel confident that your child will receive the highest quality gymnastics experience.
Jamie believes that each student is on their own journey. Addressing the learning styles of each individual, caring for the health of our athletes, and implementing proper skill progressions and injury prevention are keys to lasting progress both in the gym and out of it. We foster a supportive and positive environment between students, coaches, and parents. We value transparency in communication, please do not hesitate to reach out with concerns or questions! We want our students to always feel like they have a voice, and when coaches, students, and parents can work together to support our students, we can help them to become the best they can be! Please feel welcome to contact our owner and program director, Jamie Eader with any concerns!

Jamie Eader
The Zone Mount Vernon, IL
Jamie Eader coaching
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